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How to Prevent Heart Diseases

Looking after your heart’s health is very important because you need it to sustain a long and healthy life. According to Dean Ornish, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California in San Francisco, “Ninety-nine percent of heart disease is preventable by changing your diet and lifestyle.” Scientists have also discovered that instead of banning fats and salts to stay healthy, people just need to cut back on consuming foods that are rich in saturated fats and trans-fats, which are known to increase bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Bad cholesterol lines the arteries with plaque and can cause a stroke or heart attack. The Journal of the American Medical Association also made a study about slashing our salt intakes. They suggested that it would be helpful to go for a low-sodium diet when you are at risk of developing heart diseases.

There are ways on how you could take good care of your heart. It’s also a good idea to get health insurance from companies as they provide healthcare options like Speedy Diagnostics. This is cheaper compared to a standard full private health insurance. This health insurance option helps you keep regular tabs on your health. It will provide you with specialist consultations that you can take advantage of whenever you feel something wrong with your body.

Prevention is always the key to avoid being at risk of heart related diseases. This begins with the things that you are putting on your plate. If you want to lower your risk of developing heart disease, you have to look after your eating habits. Eating a healthy, balanced diet everyday is important for your heart’s health. Adding more fruits and raw vegetables into your daily diet can help in suppressing genes that are linked with heart diseases. Fiber contained in these food products can help in carrying cholesterol out of our bodies instead of being stuck in our bloodstream.

Another way to prevent heart related diseases is to make exercising a daily habit. Being active can make your muscles work harder. Since your heart is also a muscle, exercising can give good health benefits for your heart. Simple exercises like running every morning or climbing up using the stairs can be beneficial for your heart.

If you are smoking and want to have a healthy heart, why not start quitting this habit? Did you not know that smoking can lead to developing cancer and heart diseases? Plus, it is too costly and it can leave you smelling less desirable. There are many smokers who wish they had not started smoking because it can be hard to stop. To have a healthy heart, be smart enough not to start smoking cigarettes.

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