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Profile of Anna Bannerman-Richter

CEO Anna Bannerman-Richter

The Chief Executive of the Project is Anna Bannerman-Richter, JD, MBA. Dr. Bannerman-Richter is a legal and business advisor with nearly twenty years’ experience in project finance as well as Small-Medium Enterprise development. Anna is a Ghanaian-American, born in Ghana, educated and trained in Europe and the U.S., where she lived for thirty years before returning to Ghana eleven years ago. She received her B.Sc in Business (summa cum laude) from the University of Maryland, an MBA and a law degree, both from the University of California, Berkeley.

She was legal counsel for, and served on the Board of Directors of , The Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc., in California. The Center is a non-profit agency that serves as the administrative and fiscal agent for community based health, education, employment and social support programs. One of its most successful programs, which has been replicated in several states in the U.S., is The Birthing Project, the primary goal of which is a reduction in rates of infant morbidity and mortality amongst low-income households.

She has been actively involved in fundraising activities in the U.S. and Ghana for the past thirty years and was honored with a “No. 1 Fundraiser Award” by students at U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations in a variety of roles, including legal or fundraising counsel and board trainer, and she has also served as a volunteer liaison for the United Way and the Human Race umbrella organizations in California and in these roles assisted other volunteer groups in preparations necessary to obtain maximum participation and benefit from their fundraisers.

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