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Profile of Patrick Nutor

Patrick NutorMr. Patrick Nutor is founder and managing director of Accu-Computers, a major supplier of computer hardware and network solutions for Ghanaian businesses. Prior to founding Accu-Computers, he managed a building maintenance consulting and contracting company. He has considerable international experience, including serving as Senior Field Engineer for Schlumberger Wireline Services in Italy, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A product of Achimota Secondary School, Mr. Nutor earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Engineering from Dartmouth University, and is fluent in French with a working knowledge of Italian.

As an employer, Patrick is conscious of the strong link between good health and productivity and recognizes the importance of the Project to the eventual wealth of the nation. Mr. Nutor is a Trustee and a member of the Board of Directors of highly regarded Ashesi University. Other board memberships include Prestea Sankofa Goldfields and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

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