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Profile of KSM

Kwaku Sintim MisaKSM, as he is popularly known by adoring fans and the general public alike, is one of the top entertainers and media personalities in Ghana today. His performances at the National Theatre are generally sold-out and highly rated. A prolific and gifted writer, as well as a producer and director, his one-man plays have captivated audiences in Ghana, the U.S. and South Africa.

In addition to performing, Mr. Sintim-Misa is the Chief Executive of Sapphire Ghana Ltd., a radio and television content development company. His television production credits include the highly acclaimed Build Your Ark (GTV); Divorce Court (GTV); and TGIF (joint production with METRO TV). KSM has also produced an HIV/AIDS educational drama, Ab e krom Nkomo , with funding by CARE International and support from the Center for Disease Control (Atlanta), which is syndicated by five local radio stations. He is currently developing a series on entrepreneurship skills for Micro and Small Business with funding from DANIDA.

Mr. Sintim-Misa received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and Communication from Trinity College, Hartford, CT (1982) and a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from New York University, New York (1986).

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